I am Alex, a photographer grown up in Milan, Italy.

I discovered the world of photography since when I was very young playing together with my grandfather and his 6 x 6 Rolleiflex camera.

A lot of things have changed since then: technology items and so on, but also the way to communicate with people has changed and the use we do of photography has evolved together with the people moods; in these 30 years of experience it had been a pleasure to understand the people and communicate with them with my art.
Obviously In whatever I do I put a lot of my personal taste and touch, so do not expect from me the same common and flat images, I am not that kind of photographer.

Been grown in Milan has always put me in contact with the industry for which my city is the world capital like fashion, design and furniture, but I have also been much influenced by the the Milanese culture made of romanticism, good kitchen, strong lights and deep dramatic shadows like those of the pictures of our painters: Leonardo, Caravaggio, Mantegna and the drama of the opera and ballet. having worked in Milan I had many occasion to get specialized in:

- Portrait: (beauty, body, artistic)
- Fashion (Summer, Winter, Swimwear, Lingerie)
- Magazine pictures
- Airplanes
- Furniture and design
- Still life

I both shoot indoor and outdoor even if I have a great preference for environmental portraiture instead of the same old boring studio shooting, for this reason I have built my personal portable strobist kit to be able to recreate the light control we can have in the studio even at home or in the middle of a street.
Other equipment I use is:

- Nikon D600 (my workhorse)
- Nikon D800 (another workhorse, but heavier)
- Phase one IQ 2 digital back
- Several lenses from Zeiss, Shneider Kreuznach, Nikkor, Tamron ...
- Personal lighting kit
- Wireless system to allow the art director to follow the creative workflow from this website or have the image available on this website in real time.

It is impossible to say in few lines how many works have been published , how many high level artist, top models, photographers, designers, art directors and such actors i had been working with.
Since 2001 I am constantly been invited to the Milan Fashion weeks as official press photographer.
I am actually been represented by Photovogues by Condé Nast for picture trading, but I have the freedom to work autonomously for my personal activity and projects.
I accept TFP/TFCD mode for non commercial works and for interesting projects that may be useful to enrich my portfolio and add credits together with the one of the other actors involved.

For any kind of request, book shooting or require any bid for any service please contact me at:

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